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Goodboys 4. A Hansom cab clattered across the cobbles of the silent back-street and decanted two well-dressed men at the front door of a modest brownstone.

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The two men checked up and down the street. Seeing no-one, they mounted the few stone stairs and knocked quietly. An old woman, all in black save for her white cap and apron, opened the door. In response to their low-voiced inquiry, she led them up the creaking oak staircase to an attic room. She unlocked the scarred wooden door and stepped aside. The men stared. The younger of the two men rounded on the old woman.

No notice?

And this child — whose is she? The child, a beautiful girl of about eight or nine was sitting on the floor beside a black lacquered table, calmly eating a peach.

A Trick of the Light, by Louise Penny

She affected not to hear the men but glanced over at the old woman. She twisted her apron in both hands, her heavy accent thickened by fear. Three months he pay. Money gone, now. Friend gone.

Only child here. The older man pushed back his bowler hat and sighed. And his father will just have to face up to it. He eyed the silent girl. His partner of fourteen years, Martin Ellis, was used to their clients being unhappy, for one reason or another. Ellis offered the woman a few coins. She shoved them in her apron pocket and raised her hand in a ritual gesture to ward off evil. Then she spat between her fingers in the direction of the child and hastily withdrew. Ellis shrugged and started down the stairs. Even the child of a…even her child. Ellis pushed his hat back again and rubbed his forehead.

Aaron was a kind man if too soft-hearted for his own good. Carruthers thought hard. He nodded.

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Go and gather up your things, now. Some other clothes to pack up? Inside every sweet relationship there hides a broken heart. And even when facts are slowly exposed, it is no longer clear to Gamache and his team if what they've found is the truth, or simply a trick of the light. She could see shadows, shapes, like wraiths moving back and forth, back and forth across the frosted glass.

Appearing and disappearing Artist Clara Morrow is about to have a prestigious show of her paintings when her childhood friend is found murdered, and the finger of suspicion points to Clara. Chief Inspector Gamache is called to investigate, and using his trademark powers of deduction and his intuitive knack for the right question at the right time, he exposes the darkness that underlies the bright stars of Montreal's art world, where competition between friends, and even between husband and wife, can turn lethal.

James, Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters, demonstrates an exquisite touch with characterization, plotting and artistic sensitivity. And there could be no better explanation of A. With her usual subtle touch and timely injections of humor, Penny effectively employs the recurring motif of the chiaroscuro, the interplay of light and dark, which distinguishes Morrow's artwork and which resonates symbolically in the souls of the author's characters.

James, Penny shows how the tight structure of the classical mystery story can accommodate a wealth of deeply felt emotions and interpersonal drama. Wonderful, complex characters and sophisticated plotting makes this a perfect book.