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It also has an extensible module system that allows additional functionality to easily be dropped into the system so the sky's the limit in what you can do with the system.

Creating a Website Using Ruby on Rails

There's plenty more features and functionality that we're planning on integrating into Webiva Core and its included modules - better Web Services integration generating and consuming RESTfull API's, extensions to the Custom Content system to allow better Calendar and Map integration, integrated Image Editors, and a bunch of great upcoming modules.

If you are an experienced Rails developer and want to help, we're more than happy to give you the help you need to get started developing for the system. Check out the developer tutorial and the rest of the docs on Webiva. Webiva has reached version 1. We are currently upgrading the system to Rails 3 which will take a little bit of time and will be releasing version 1.


This allows for a lot of control over how each page of your site looks. All content, both static and dynamic is added to your site via different paragraph types. These paragraphs can be dragged and arranged into different zones and in any position on the page, allowing you flexability in how your page is arranged. Webiva does away with the idea of "Blocks" that are prevalent in other CMS and blog engines - since everything is a paragraph, you can put any piece of content anywhere that you like. Click the save changes button and your changes will save and be made active on the site - but since Webiva saves every old version of a page, you'll always be able to revert should the intern do something bad.

Since the editor is built into the system you can tweak that design to your hearts content and add as many child-templates with different site layouts as you like.

Introducing Webiva 2.0

In addition, nearly every paragraph that shows up on the front end of your site can be styled through the use of mini templates called "Site Features". These site features each control one specific type of paragraph and use a simple tag language that on top of HTMLthat lets you specifiy exactly how you want each paragraph to operate. Want a dynamic image menu with rollovers that leads to a text dropdown menu? Piece of cake. You can customize your menus as well as just about any other paragraph directly from inside the site, making it extremely easy to add new features to and existing website or iterate changes on a current design.

Ruby on Rails - Ride the Rails with 3rdRail

Webiva gives you control over exactly how your site is laid out and how it operates with a site structure that allows you to control exactly what piece of content shows up where. Substruct integrates e-commerce system and a content management system with blogging capabilities.

Development environment

It supports Authorize. Net and PayPal as the payment gateways.

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It also provides support for Markdown and Textile as well as HTML, but text filters can be created for any markup language. Radiant is licensed under the MIT License. Onyx is an open source image gallery which is clean, intuitive, flexible, custom-themes, and fast.

The users can be increased with different access controls. ChucksList, named after Chuck Norris, is an open source classified ad system which is similar in functionality to CraigsList, which is very fast and performs exceedingly well.

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