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Good news? A remake is in the works.

In this story, Psychiatrist Dr. Barnes Paul Stevens receives an ancient ritual mask from one of his patients who claims that wearing the mask gives psychedelic hallucinations that drive to madness and even murder. During these scenes when Dr. Barnes wears the mask, original audiences donned their mask-shaped glasses to experience the visions of cults and torture in colourific 3D.

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The visions are strange and eerie, and quite effective in their artistic appearances. For genre fans, this one is a must-see.

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  4. You can check it out in restored 3D on Blu. This is a horror movie that tries to balance empathy with the real-life horrors of Ed Gein and even in its success proves just how difficult that can be.


    Ezra Cobb Roberts Blossom is close to his mother — a little too close. True crime fans, rejoice. Happy Birthday To Me — J. Lee Thompson This is another school slasher entering the magnificent eighties.

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    As members of the illustrious group begin to go missing, Virginia experiences flashbacks of trauma that occurred to her years before on her birthday. As we join Virginia in putting the pieces back together, the two events begin to connect. And while this movie dissolves into a bit of a ridiculous melodrama in the reveal of the final act, the kills along the way are a ton of fun. Unfortunately, this one has never had a DVD release so it can be difficult to get your hands on.

    Once they arrive, it becomes clear that there is no party planned at all.

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    While the two are fighting over the bald-faced lie, a group of thugs from a road rage altercation on the way take the two hostage and torture them over a period of 24 hours. For fans of final girls, Diane is one who holds her own. Anyway, bear attacks are scary, and Backcountry has one of the best you can find. Not much else needs to be said about this romantic camping getaway that turns into a terrifying ordeal.

    Good to watch before your next big camping trip. Found Footage fans, rejoice! Afflicted is a solid entry into the subgenre that takes an eons-old tale and serves it with a twist. Carmen Cindy Sampson is an ambitious journalist whose commitment to investigation is affecting her relationship and her job.

    Clockwork Canada | Dominik Parisien

    When she hears about several disappearances in a small Polish village, she endeavors to uncover the sinister truth behind them. The Shrine delves into cult territory, and having a weakness for dangerous religious zealots wreaking havoc on their followers makes this one to check out.

    Rituals is commonly called the Canadian version of Deliverance , and it matches it both in pacing and survival scares. Four doctors continue their yearly tradition of taking a group trip.

    Their friendship has a long, rich history with ample baggage to root around in along the way, and as expected it seems like just a bunch of guys arguing about the ethics of medical procedures for the first bit. Before long, it becomes obvious that the group is being stalked by a menacing figure who contributes to their misfortune, and as time goes they being to think he may have more of a personal connection with them than they realize.

    Do yourself a big favour: watch the uncut version, and bring an extra pair of shoes.

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    Starring more familiar faces such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen, Prom Night is a classic story about owning up for your mistakes. When bullying causes an accidental death, a group of kids make a pact to keep it a secret. Some snazzy disco numbers and an iconic rolling head stand out on this financially successful Canadian horror, making it one that features prominently on the slasher circuit even with its surprisingly tender ending. Comforting Skin — Derek Franson Koffie feels empty and alone. She combats this by dressing up and hanging out at the bar hoping to bring home someone who will love her.

    After yet another night of dejection, she impulsively gets a tattoo that wants to take up more real estate on her body and her mind. The tattoo whispers to Koffie and changes her behaviour, leading to obsession that drives her further and further into darkness. A hearty, earnest performance by Victoria Bidewell makes Comforting Skin soar surprisingly high as a story about destructive desire.

    This body horror fan wishes it leaned a little more into the grotesque, but the discomfort it brings satiates the appetite just enough. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Published 2 years ago on December 19, By Becky Belzile. The series is currently available for streaming on Netflix in Australia, Ireland, Romania and possibly other countries. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Dark Net TV series.

    Twitch Film. Retrieved 4 June Rue Morgue.

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