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EU regulations are provided with enforcement powers through national legislation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The FSA aims to protect public health and consumers' interests, while also making sure food businesses operators are not burdened by excessive or unclear regulations. The main responsibilities for food businesses under the Food Safety Northern Ireland Order are:.

Where the unsafe food may have reached the consumer, the food business operator must inform the consumers of the reason for the withdrawal and, if necessary, recall from consumers unsafe food already supplied to them when other measures are not sufficient to achieve a high level of health protection. Food hygiene legislation affects all food businesses.

These regulations are made under the Food Safety Act Anyone who owns, manages or works in a food business - apart from those working in primary food production such as harvesting, slaughtering or milking - is affected by these Regulations. They apply to anything from a hot dog van to a five-star restaurant, from a village hall where food is prepared to a large supermarket, or to a vending machine. The Regulations apply to all types of food and drink and their ingredients. But some businesses - generally manufacturers of products of animal origin, such as dairies or wholesale fish markets - follow their own product specific regulations.

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These regulations are listed below. Controls do not have to be complex. There are systems that can be used by food businesses to ensure that hazards are identified and controls are in place.

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Go to main content Go to main navigation Go to login. As the proprietor of a food business, you must: make sure food is supplied or sold in a hygienic way; identify food safety hazards; know which steps in your activities are critical for food safety; ensure safety controls are in place, maintained and reviewed. The Regulations also cover the following aspects of food safety: Schedule 1, Ch. I General requirements. See above.

Schedule 1, Ch. Subdivision 2 — Requirements for food businesses. A food business must, at food premises where potentially hazardous food is handled, have a temperature measuring device that —.

Section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act refers to a guide dog, a dog trained to assist a person in activities where hearing is required and any other animal trained to assist a person to alleviate the effect of a disability. Without limiting the ways in which a food business can demonstrate that the temperature and any heating or cooling process it uses will not adversely affect the microbiological safety of food, a food business satisfies this requirement by complying with —.

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The Amendment History provides information about each amendment to the Standard. The information includes commencement or cessation information for relevant amendments. These amendments are made under section 92 of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act unless otherwise indicated. Amendments do not have a specific date for cessation unless indicated as such. This is a compilation of Standard 3.

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It includes any commenced amendment affecting the compilation to that date. Uncommenced amendments or provisions ceasing to have effect.

To assist stakeholders, the effect of any uncommenced amendments or provisions which will cease to have effect, may be reflected in the Standard as shaded boxed text with the relevant commencement or cessation date.