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One major advantage for small business people authoring a book is that it gives you an extra layer of credibility as an expert in your industry.

It also shows commitment because, after all, not everybody can start and finish writing a book. One publisher leading the charge in providing a one-stop shop publishing model for small business owners is Michael Hanrahan Publishing. The author makes all the decisions, not the publisher. The other advantage is the time frame. Often a traditional publisher takes as long as 18 months to publish a book. Many of our authors get great lead generation.

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So once I knew what I was writing, I bashed it out in a weekend. Who's going to refer someone to you just because you say you'd appreciate it? Unless you've built a relationship with that prospect, it's meaningless. If this is you I'm talking about, I'm sorry. But please consider changing that up. Ok, enough ranting. Back to this business card marketing lesson Instead of a tacky phrase or a blank backside, how about offering a "FREE Report" about something if they go to your site and fill out their name and email in your opt-in box?

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You could offer Give prospects a reason to go further with your business card. That's the whole point of this business card marketing technique. Make them want to know more about you. Don't let them think you're the same as the other 2 million agents out there.

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Now for my favorite way to enhance your business card marketing. This is awesome and I barely see any Realtors or agents doing this. It'll make you look like Donald Trump Let me explain more What is your card printed on right now?

Some kind of paper, I know, but what kind? Does it feel like you took some copy paper as thin as single-ply toilet paper and slapped your name and phone number on it? Or does it feel like the typical semi-durable card stock that we always see? Do you think your card would stand out more if it was made out of a thin sheet of metal? Or plastic?

Got a question?

No, I'm not kidding. What if the card had your logo on it only it was cut into the business card instead of printed on it? You can actually do this stuff with business cards now. Yes, it's a bit more expensive but it's a marketing piece. It says something about your brand and image. While this business card topic is a common one, you can see there are all kinds of variations you can implement to stand out from the crowd.

And when you literally have a million other agents out there to compete with, you need to stand out! Follow the guidelines and ideas and I gave you and put your own twist on it. Take some time to think and come up with something unique and creative. The second development is the rise of the high-profile entrepreneur, with Richard Branson being a prime example.

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Self-promotion rather than just promoting a company has become a powerful tool in modern business, aided by social media and traditional media that love such stories. Being a published author will help you build your profile, promote your business and make you stand out from the crowd. I speak to authors all the time who tell me how having self-published a book has brought all sorts of benefits to them and their business. I can guarantee that if you produce a high-quality book and use it well in your business, tangible results will emerge in your bottom line.

I regularly speak to authors in the months after their book comes out; I hear many stories of how self-publishing a book has given their business a boost. They have signed new clients, been asked to speak at events or conferences, written blogs, appeared in the media, made new industry contacts — the list goes on and on. These promises are designed to sell books and other products for the people promoting them. You must have realistic expectations about how many copies you might sell.

People often have misconceptions because they only hear about best-selling books selling many thousands of copies, but nobody ever hears about the author who sold The minimum viable print run for a commercial publisher is usually between and copies, depending on the book, but for self-publishers even these quantities can be difficult. I regularly work with authors who sell 50 or copies of their books — or even fewer — and consider this a great success, because some of those book sales turned into thousands of dollars worth of work for their business.

And, if it does end up there, it will most probably stay dormant and forgotten.