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As luck would have it, one of the first people that Jules meets is Jackson, the exact person she is suppose to get close to in order to try and find out the location of his dad, the man that Jules father is seeking. Imagine Stephanie Plum as a teenager and you get a little of Jules. What I liked most about this book is that it can be a great read for a tween or an adult. I can see this becoming an amazing series following the many adventures of Jules as she comes of age. Great job!

Disclaimer: I was provided an ARC copy for an honest review. View all 4 comments.

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Dec 19, Megan Hoelscher rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed reading this book and changing up my normal reading for a smart sassy girl who can take a guy out with one hit of her hand. Jules works on her father's Apprehension Team in Texas, she works alongside her twin brothers taking out the bad guys one hit at a time.

Her father asks her to help work on a case in Savannah with his cousin Raye while him and the boys track down a million dollar jumper. Jules isn't very thrilled about missing out helping take down a big jumper but she's le I really enjoyed reading this book and changing up my normal reading for a smart sassy girl who can take a guy out with one hit of her hand.

Jules isn't very thrilled about missing out helping take down a big jumper but she's less that happy that while she is in Savannah helping Raye she will also have to stay with the mother that left them a few years ago. Jules mother is everything you hear about Deep South women, the clothing, the parties and being the part of a socialite.

This is a complete from the life Jules has back in Texas so of course their relationship in the begin is strained. Jules concentrates on getting information on the jumper she is supposed to be helping catch.

Jules, the Bounty Hunter

She runs into Jackson the very person she needs to get close to so she can find out where his father, the jumper, is hiding. Only problem is he's dating her cousin Bryn, one stuck up spoiled rich girl. While helping out at Rayes office she starts helping and getting help from the all sexy southern gentleman Wyatt, who is Rayes fiance's son. They have some serious chemistry and it's so good to read how it progresses between them. This book will take you on the many twists and turns of tracking the jumpers, dealing with parent relationships and also finding out about feelings for the one you care about and making a relationship work.

I hope Krista Ashe aka Katie Ashely will turn this book into a series because I would love to read more about all the characters in this book : Such a good read for a teen and an adult.

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Dec 19, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Jules, the Bounty Hunter is author Krista Ashe's debut novel into the world of YA fiction and boy did she hit it out of the park! It's centered around the adventures of 16 year old Julianne St. James as she joins her father and two brothers in the family business of bounty hunting.

Jules is smart, feisty and pretty bad ass in my opinion! I wish I had been more like Jules at 16! They are always strong yet down-to-earth and relatable. This was a fun read that I would totally recommend to even a teenage audience. It ended slightly abruptly which I'm hoping means we will see more to come from Jules.

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I think it would be a great start to a fun series. Also have to add that Krista Ashe references one of my all time favorite movies in the book which made me smile and made Jules even cooler! Dec 18, Laura's Book Addiction rated it really liked it Shelves: , for-review , from-author.

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Jules is a great character and its official Wyatt is my first book boy love of Would have been 5 stars if it had had a epilogue but who knows a 2nd book maybe??? If yes I'm in with reading more about these characters. Jan 06, Angela S rated it really liked it Shelves: book-list. What a cute story with a fiesty main character and lots of swoon-worthy males. Aug 12, Sarah Beth rated it it was amazing. An entertaining, lighthearted read! I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but I love Katie Ashley's writing style so I gave it a shot. I absolutely loved it! It was a fun, quick read, filled with hilarious moments and a quirky, eclectic bunch of characters!

I absolutely adored Jules she was a spitfire who never took no for an answer! She, Wyatt, Jackson and her crazy family made this story so entertaining and with Katie's unique storytelling this was a perfect , lighthearted read!! I highly An entertaining, lighthearted read! I highly recommend this book! Oct 10, Judy rated it it was amazing Shelves: bounty-hunters. Would like to see more of her. Dec 30, Matthew rated it really liked it Shelves: january , But when I got to read her Search Me, I began to get this "trust" feeling that her other books would be better than The Proposition.

And, thank Heavens, I wasn't wrong! This was just I really liked every page of this book.

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This book got action, drama and romance. Katie Ashley's Jules, the Bounty Hunter was a really good book to start the year! I loved her, really loved her!

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She was not annoying or not the typical easy-to-swoon character. She was the I-will-kill-you-if-you-lay-your-hands-on-me type. And she was not trying hard to be beautiful. She was naturally lovely! Wyatt was a funny and bad-boy type character. The one wherein he got a soft spot inside. I really liked how he wasn't showing Jules he liked her. It was a really nice change.

Jackson was the neat and nice type. He was likeable and got charm. Felt sorry for him for just how blind he was toward Bryn the Regina George character type. The conflict could be considered heavy. The series of events was smooth-paced and it went from funny and light to action and heated scenes. The writing style of Katie Ashley was smart, really hilarious and very easy to read and get along with! Well, except Bryn. But I really liked how it was controlled.

It was not annoying unlike the other books. I loved it!

Thank Heavens for this was a really good cut from the strings of bad novels! It was really amazing.

It should be in that scene in which the author should have focused. Besides, that was what in the summary. Overall, I really liked this one! I am recommending this one as it is worth recommending. Jan 25, Musing rated it really liked it.