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Alabama native James Redfield spent much of his 20s studying Eastern Philosophies like Taoism and Zen, before working as a therapist for abused teenagers for over 15 years.

He left his job in to focus entirely on writing, as he wanted to bring messages about mysticism, futurism and ecology to the general public. He self-published his first book, The Celestine Prophecy, in The Celestine Prophecy follows a narrator as he tries to reveal a series of nine spiritual insights he found in an ancient Peruvian manuscript. Redfield initially sold the book from the boot of his car.

He had sold over , copies before Warner Books picked it up. Today Redfield runs the Celestine Vision project, which endeavors to spread his spiritual message.

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Born in a small town in Ontario, Canada, K. Tucker published her first book at the age of six with the help of her elementary school librarian and a box of crayons. As an adult Tucker has been self-publishing novels since early Tucker — Ten Tiny Breaths Courtesy of twitter. When she published an adult contemporary novel, Ten Tiny Breaths, big publishers started taking notice because of her established fanbase. Rachel Abbott had a long and successful career in data analysis and interactive media in Manchester, England, before she started writing.


She had no plans to self-publish when she wrote Only The Innocent in , but her family and friends who read it loved it so much they persuaded her to change her mind after it was rejected by conventional publishers. Bolstered by her initial success, Rachel has now written six novels, all self-published, and sold over two million copies of her books. When Tracy Bloom moved to Connecticut, US from Derby in England, with her husband and small baby, she left behind a successful career in roller coaster and theme park marketing. Without work in the US, Bloom decided to take her chances with self-publishing.

Unlike other authors, who find success by self-publishing leads them to a conventional publishing deal, Tracy Bloom has continued to publish her novels herself. She has five other novels out, all available exclusively as e-books.

She now describes herself as an "authorpreneur", and has never gone back to conventional work, focusing instead entirely on her writing and marketing her e-books. Holly Ward is arguably one of the most successful self-publishers of all time. She always knew her style of female new-adult literature would struggle to find a home in the mainstream publishing world, so she committed to self-publishing.

Ward has sold close to 13 million copies of her adult novels. So popular are the Ferros that there's an active fan-led petition to turn Ward's series into a major motion picture. Michael J Sullivan is widely considered one of the most successful self-published sci-fi authors of all time. He has been a professional writer since , but after 13 book flops he quit the industry in , tired of the rejection from mainstream publishers. By he couldn't stay away from the computer any longer and composed a a fantasy novel for his daughter.


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He eventually decided to market the Riyria Revelations, but his publisher went bankrupt after the first book came out. Despite the setback, Sullivan bought back the rights to his book, and set up his own publishing company in in order to release The Crown Conspiracy. The series of six books was released under the Orbit banner and has since been translated into 14 languages. A native of Minnesota, Amanda Hocking wrote her first 17 novels while still employed as a group homeworker caring for severely disabled people.

She'd write after work, fueled by energy drinks. After countless rejection letters, she'd never thought she'd see her name in print. In , Hocking needed a little extra cash for a trip so decided to self-publishing her vampire romance series My Blood Approves as e-books; within a year she had sold over two million copies of the nine-book series. In she was selling an average of 9, e-book copies a day.

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