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  • 5 Fascinating Ghost Towns to Explore Near Las Vegas.
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  • 5 Fascinating Ghost Towns to Explore Near Las Vegas.
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Not everyone sees the beauty in abandoned places. It takes a special kind of traveler to come across the decaying structure of an old building, the rusted husk of a car sinking into the desert floor, and a long forgotten street being reclaimed by the earth and regard it with wonder. If you can appreciate the eerie allure of ghost towns, here are a few to consider when planning your next road trip. The ghosts, along with six other sculptures, serve as a perfectly ominous introduction to the well-preserved ghost town that lies in the hills behind them. Rhyolite, named after the volcanic rock in the area, is just miles from Las Vegas and just moments from the gateway to Death Valley National Park.

After prospectors discovered gold in the area in , Rhyolite sprang to life and started building hotels, casinos, shops, a school, a hospital, and even a red light district for its estimated 5, citizens.

Parker Schnabel Reveals Post ‘Gold Rush’ Plans

But by , financial panic hit. The electricity was cut off and everyone was gone. If you believe that the best ghost towns are the ones you reach on foot, Panamint City just might be the hike of your life.

1. Rhyolite, Nevada

The hike begins miles from Las Vegas on the west side of the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley National Park near Ballarat, a ghost town itself with only one resident who will gladly sell you a soda and tell you about the nearby abandoned truck that once belonged to the Manson family. The hike begins miles from Las Vegas on the west side of the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley National Park near Ballarat, a ghost town itself with only one resident who will gladly sell you a soda and tell you about the nearby abandoned truck that once belonged to the Manson family.

The five mile hike to Panamint City takes you through Surprise Canyon, a lush area that will require you to bushwhack, wade through water and gain about 4, feet of elevation.

The end result is Panamint City, a ghost town founded by outlaws in Highlights of the area include a smelter, abandoned vehicles, and best of all, hiker maintained cabins with names like The Panamint Hilton and The Castle. If you choose to stay in one, be wary of hantavirus, fire regulations, and if you can, pack in some cleaning supplies to leave them better than you found them. Such is the quiet beauty that is Nelson.

Originally named Eldorado by the Spanish settlers who discovered it in , the townsite grew and changed names after prospectors built the Techatticup Mine. It was known as a lawless, violent place.

1. Rhyolite, Nevada

You can stroll amongst the ruins, take a mine tour , and even take some photos of a wrecked plane that served as a prop in the movie 3, Miles to Graceland. The most iconic structure, a towering brick courthouse, was built in , but there are plenty of other old structures to see as well, along with a few hardy residents who call the ghost town home. With all these new strikes in the district, new towns sprang up practically overnight: Manson's Creek, Howellton and Dunkeld. The residence of the Gold Commissioner's would be built at Dunkeld.

Ballentyne , who would also act as Stipendary Magistrates. Despite the building boom, there was only one trader in the area in the summer of '71, a man named Elmore who was stationed at Omineca City. Elmore made a small fortune selling supplies to the miners. Food prices were very high and some items, like picks and shovels weren't available at any price.

Because of this high cost of living and the difficulty in procuring the necessary supplies, many miners left the area. Of those who stayed it is reported that some did vey well. One report claimed that ounces a week was being taken from Germansen Creek alone. Again, these numbers may have been much higher, and very little was ever recorded on the Chinese miners, where they worked, or how they fared in their mining endeavours.


California Ghost Towns - Road Trip Ideas - Thrillist

A music hall was built at Dunkeld and another town was built at Manson's Creek, Manson's Town, which featured a music hall, theatre, recreation center and a bakery. By then rush was mostly over, even though there were still some claims that were doing well and Lost Creek was still yielding gold at the rate of 90 to ounces a week. By the fall of that year, the news of the strike in the Cassiar district had reached the Omineca and many men left for these new, "greener pastures".

James Germansen remained in the Omineca, while David Humphrey died from ingesting poisonous mushrooms. In the Cassiar, 14, men produced 68, ounces. Therefore, if those estimates are correct, the ones who remained, fared better at Placer mining continued on a small scale in the Omineca for many years and then, in the s large companies from Victoria and Ottawa came to the district and began hydraulic mining which continued well into the s.

The amount of activity fluctuated with gold prices, mining restrictions and economic conditions. In the 21st century, mining is still being practiced in the Omineca, although all of the old gold rush towns are long gone, with the exception of Manson Creek, which still exists today.

Unseen footage of Charles Manson's murderous cult in California

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Panamint City, CA

From Trail to Rail: Surveys and Gold. Northern BC Book Publishing. Gold rushes of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Otago —63 West Coast —67 Coromandel s—s. Kildonan, Scotland Lapland, Finland Witwatersrand, South Africa Kakamega, Kenya s.

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