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Like you say, for visual learners this treatment of the material is a tremendous help. I hope you write more! Thanks for the kind words. The plan is for me to write three more posts for ribbonfarm on the same theme. These should appear over the course of the next months. How is the particle represented as ripples when ripples expand outward in concentric circles? I could see the oscillation of the ball generating waves, but here I am viewing the oscillation as the particle and the wave as the field of force, when you stated a couple times that the wave was a particle.

The wave resulting from the disturbance on the mattress is expanding in a concentric circle. Also, how is a ripple supposed to propagate on this quantum mattress at all? Their own oscillations would only be affected by at least 1 packet, so my initial disturbance dies on the vine? Of course, that concentric circle kind of wave certainly exists, and an electron can occupy such a state — it just means that the region over which the electron is confined gets increasingly large.

But in general, an electron can be described by many different-looking kinds of waves. The second part of your question is harder, and it comes down to the difference between classical systems and quantum ones. In the language of physics, we say that the two springs are in a quantum superposition of the first spring oscillating and the second spring oscillating. What really happens when you disturb some isolated part of the field is that the quantum superposition expands to include an ever-larger number of springs.

The wave also propagates down into the water, and also into the air in 3 dimensions — not only in 3 dimensions, but in 4, if you want to deal with the time it takes, not just the space. Our preferred perceptual systems often limit our understanding.

How Vera Rubin discovered dark matter |

Our models are only models. And I imagined that single event moving into and affecting every dimension around it, through it, every dimension that it pervades and that pervades it. So the action affects all dimensions that it connects to. As many dimensions as we want to imagine. Perhaps that action expresses, travelling through some other manifold of space-time, as some particle manifest in a dimension we perceive.

Talk:Big Bang/Archive 23

I know it sounds a bit goofy. Diving deep at a deeper level, it is true that we are made out of the quantum fluctuation arising from the vacuum field. As you have explained that in the jargon of field theory, the virtual particles can briefly and spontaneously appear from the vacuum and then disappear again.

As I perceive the following: 1. Vacuum Field fluctuations occur only because the field itself is stretching. Which means that at a point they break and hence create a virtual particle.

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In other words these breakage in the vacuum field gives rise to causes for big-bang and hence the reason for origin of a new Universe. A red-shift and acceleration of Universe means that the vacuum field itself is stretching within our Universe. This further implies that a Universe will give rise to another universe and this is an infinite process, however, with an end at the end….

Also quantum field gives rise to different fluctuations which in turn gives rise to different elementary parts matter field and force field. This means that each such variation and combination produces a different universe all together but all arising from the same vacuum field fluctuation.

As we say that to have an effect comes from a cause. And it is true that cause lives in the effect. Simple example, a Au is a cause and ring is the effect. But Au lives in the ring being its cause. As the subject matter becomes more abstract, however, to add further, the origin of all the forces of the universe, including vacuum field, Nuclear, Gravity, EM, etc.

The fun part is to continue the voyage of ever evolving mind a collective human mind …. Thanks for the comment. As I understand, it is a very real research question whether something like our universe could arise just from a random and extremely rare vacuum fluctuation. The problems with this idea are that: 1 the probabilities involved are probably smaller than any number you have tried to imagine before, and 2 particles arising from random vacuum fluctuations always appear together with antiparticles.

So in order to explain the observed universe as a random fluctuation, one would also have to explain where all the antiparticles have gone. Vacuum fluctuations are an unavoidable consequence of quantum mechanics. Whether the field is expanding, contracting, or remaining static, they will always be there. Dear Brian: Thank you for the reply. Let me rephrase and as correctly pointed out by you that the vacuum fluctuations are an unavoidable consequence of QM. Irrespective of the direction of the field, the vacuum fluctuations will always be there.

An accelerating field is stretching, a decelerating field is contracting collapsing or a balanced field is static and every fluctuation will yield into a different type or variety of particles. However, the origin of the vacuum field itself is the vacuum field birth of vacuum field comes from the vacuum field itself , and it accelerates in a multi-directional way.. I can only correlate this to the observable expanding universe, which intern satisfies this condition.. To support Point 2 above, the concept of big band further explains the argument that ever since its universe incubation, the ever expanding universe is the result of the ever expanding vacuum field or accelerating dark energy..

The mystery of matter particle and antimatter antiparticle , and their annihilation and somehow resulting into one matter, which consequently giving rise to the reason for the birth of all visible matter is an interesting fact of our life.

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Surely, it is further a thesis topic for many many young minds. Our Universe is an ever evolving universe, it goes from one state to another state or from one type of universe to another type, Our conscious is also an evolution from the same Universe.

Weather our conscious is there are not, the universe will keep on evolving. In order to explain Point 4, as I correlate to the observable fact that when a particle is generated, it also creates an antiparticle and they both travel in the opposite directions like electron and hole in a semiconductor material. So at the time of collision when all matter and antimatter cancel each other then where does the last matter come from. Further, it appears that a positive vacuum fluctuation will also generate a negative vacuum fluctuation. Since equal amount of particle and antiparticle are generated and upon meeting they annihilate and cancel each other so this reaction should involve attracting another matter from the nearest event.

Yes the probability involved for such occurrences can be said 1 in billion… Our Universe seems also such a probability…. Hello, I would like to ask your opinion on the increasing expansion rate of the universe. Could this expansion be causing the vibrations needed to put the energy in the springs causing them to bounce. Sort of like pulling on a rubber band would transfer the energy needed to stretch it to the resistance created. I know this is a simplistic way of looking at the situation but the energy has to come from somewhere. Ex nihilo? The responsible thing for me to do here is to acknowledge my ignorance about the question of dark energy, and politely decline to answer.

But my irresponsible reply is this. My rudimentary understanding is that one of the primary candidate explanations for dark energy which is responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe is that it comes from the vacuum fluctuations of some kind of scalar field. Brian, thank you very much for this lucid and I hope helpful explanation. Thank you! I bet this post is giving you a lot of followup work and explainy-practice.

Funny, though, my first reaction to your reply is dismay at how it knocks a hole in high-modernist existential terror, which depends pretty heavily on the existence of nothing. I mean you put Beckett in a corner right there.

One Universe at a Time

Or nothing. Can you please shed some light on how an antimatter particle would be represented in the mattress analogy. Also, how a matter anti-matter particle annihilation would appear? And what the creation of energy be in this case, a propagation of another wave in another field? Or, to say it another way, there is only one kind of excitation, and thus no distinction between particles and antiparticles.

Two waves, properly constructed, can cancel each other out by interfering destructively, in the same way that a particle and antiparticle can. So particles in this field are their own antiparticles. As you alluded to, when a particle and antiparticle collide, the corresponding excitations are removed from the field, and all that energy has to go somewhere. In general, it is released into one of the other fields in nature.

Recall that nature has many fields, coexisting in all of space. When that energy is absorbed by some other field, new particles are created in it. At the risk of inappropriately extending the analogy: My thought when you talked about coupling the balls to allow wave propagation is that this is the place that quantum constraints would apply. In other words, rather than an elastic bond, some sort of ratchet that only permits fixed quanta of energy to pass from one ball to another.

In that case, each ball could have any vibration including zero , representing vacuum fluctuations, but only fixed quanta would actually propagate. Or is just pushing the image a little too far. There are sort of three problems with your alternate picture of a quantum field. The first is that it would allow any arbitrarily small amount of energy to be added to the field, as long as it remained in only one spring.

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The second problem is that, in your field, if you added one quantum of energy one particle it would always be localized at only one spring at a time. What we know, on the other hand, is that particles can occupy large wave functions that extend over large regions of space.