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The bread is very delicious and is a super healthy alternative to white flour bread. The large amount of nuts, grains and seeds will help you feel full for a longer time. The preparation time is about minutes and the bread does not need any resting time before baking. It only need an hour of baking. If you are looking for other great Nordic food I have a separate section with many recipes — find it in the menu on the top of this page.

If you make this bread frequently you can speed up the process by prepare several bags with the right amount of nuts, grains and seeds. Then you simply mix the prepared bags with olive oil and eggs. Then you have your own bread mix without any unknown additives. I made this bread last night. I ground the flax to gain nutritional value. I will try coconut oil next time and maybe cut the amount of oil. Interesting recipe, would be great for taking on a hike or bike trip. Hi, I just made the loaf and smells wonderful. My question is how to store it and how long is it good for?

Thank you.

My progress so far - How about you?

I normally store it in a air tight container for about days. If it becomes a little dry you can always toast the slices a little bit. Kim, is there a way to convert grams and oz into cups? I think you can get a really cheap one at your local supermarket?

As the recipe says above, g is 3. Hi Natalie. I normally store my bread in an air tight plastic bag. You can also use a box with a lid. However, I know that some of my readers have typed in the ingredients list on an online counter. Glucides nets : 1,35 gr. Fibres : 4,1 gr. Lipides : 15,45 gr. Linseed is they same as flax seeds — do you know them? We usually cover the bottom of our bread pan with a sheet of parchment paper so that the bread is easier to remove after it is baked.

If you have any other questions let us know. Hi, I have done a Little bit of research.

I think the best option is to mix 3 dl 1. Let it rest for minutes and use that instead of eggs. I am not quite sure if you could use the same method for Chia Seeds. How do you replace with Chia Seeds? Do you need to soak first? What sort of quantity would you use? If I remember correctly I think I have heard of mixing flax seed oil and a bit of water to mimic eggs, but I would suggest doing more research and not just take my word for it. However, I am sure you can find an online site where you can type in all the ingredients and it will count the information for you? You can enter the recipe into myfitnesspal.

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I made the stone age bread today and it smelt wonderful while it was cooking. After an hour I removed it from the oven and there seemed to be a huge lot of oil floating around it.


Coconut Flour Brownies (paleo and super fudgy!) - Texanerin Baking

Also the olive oil was quite a strong flavour. I loved the bread and want it to be less oily. Does anybody put less oil in and it still works?

Seared Radicchio and Roasted Beets

Help please. Hi Madeleine, Thanks for your comment. But you can try to add a bit less oil the next time. A very innocuous oil that I use is avocado oil. It works very well for so many things, is a very high heat capable oil, and is very healthy. Just another one you can try,. I used MCT Oil.

Paleo Banana Bread

I put the parchment paper in the bread pan. When I took it out of the oven, I used a paper towel to absorb the oil at the top. Tastes fabulous. Hi, it will keep fresh for about 1 week. Keep it in a bag in the fridge. The bread is also perfect for freezing in slices. Thank you so much for sharing and the reviews make an interesting read too!

Mine had no eggs and used coconut oil And I had to let it sit for one or two hours before cooking. Google birdseed bread And see all the different recipes come up. However all very similar in ingredients used. Absolutely divine!!

Recipe notes:

Thanks so much for the recipie. Im cooking this tomorrow for my sons stone age project hope it turns out ok…. I made this a week ago and loved it. I made it again last night but added some extras. I kept to a total of g but had a total of 12 ingredients — so 50 g each of everything. I also cut the salt in half. Turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for the recipe. I will be making the original and lots of variations in the future.

I made this bread last night after purchasing a similar style bread at a local market. Thank you for sharing the recipe! Swapped the sesame seeds for chia seeds did not soak , used coconut oil, added in some thyme and black pepper. Thanks again x. I also only add a pinch of salt not two teaspoons and it turned out fantastic. Thank you for sharing this recipe, have now made it several times.

At the moment you can subscribe via Bloglovin or our rss feed. Or you can follow us at Facebook or Instagram. Is it ok to substitute this and in the same quantity? I use the same quantity. I used fresh young coconut meat processed in my food processor instead of ANY oil- pure awesomeness!! Hi Scott. Thanks for the tip. That actually sounds really nice. Regards Kim. Hi Kim Yes please do. I eat at least 5 of the young coconuts and the awesome water. Enjoy your day. This bread is amazing. It tastes wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. Peace and blessings from Amsterdam!

Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes I also love this bread.

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This look delicious and I am excited to try it. I do have 2 questions regarding the bread though: 1 How do you store it?