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Books that influenced me. "The Road Less Travelled", by M. Scott Peck. Written in 1978

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Puffin; ISBN: The obscene and threatening notes and the phone hang-ups were bad enough. High schooler Gail felt utterly alone as she endured the harassment. Then, when a boy she knew raped her, the isolation became complete as she was unable to make anyone believe her story because of the accused's social position.

This is the fourth adventure of the Blossom Culp books. Blossom is gifted with second sight in this story set in We return to Bluff City as Blossom and Alexander are contacted by the spirit of an ancient princess through a scarab and the princess is furious. They are catapulted out of their history class and into ancient Egypt where they must help the princess regain her tomb. Almost simultaneously they must help their history teacher keep her job after a protest suffragette demonstration.

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This was Peck's first novel and it centers around a family in a small Midwestern town. Carol Patterson is in the middle, chronologically and emotionally. Her father left when she was six. Her mother works most evenings as a hostess in a restaurant. Carol's older sister, Ellen, becomes pregnant by a man currently serving a drug sentence.

Her younger sister, Liz, is pretty much ignored by the family. It's Carol who tries to keep their mother mollified and their lives intact. Ellen elects to go to a home for unwed mothers in Chicago and her mother clamps down even harder on Carol.

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Then Carol takes on the role of parent to Ellen and to Liz even going to their father for money to make the trip to Chicago to see Ellen. This is the third in the hilarious Blossom Culp series. Outsider Blossom is snubbed by Letty and her friends as they transform an old house into a haunted one for Halloween.

Undeterred, Blossom and Alexander explore the house ahead of time only to be catapulted into the present to be faced with computers and modern technology unfamiliar in their world of Fair Weather by Richard Peck. ISBN Gr Fair Weather starts in rural Illinois on the Beckett's farm where Buster, the brother of two teenage girls, Rosie and Lottie, is divesting a squirrel of its skin and tail.

He'll sell the tail for a penny and they'll eat the squirrel for supper. The day is hot and boring, but, as the first line in the book tells us, things are about to change.

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A letter from an almost unknown aunt, their mother's sister Euterpe, invites the children and their mother to her home in Chicago where the wonders of the World's Columbian Exposition of await. Understanding parents is seldom an easy task for teenagers and Jim has had less success in that direction than many. His father left the family years ago and Jim has been the caretaker of his younger brother Byron since their mother became ill.

They've been living under their grandmother's well-regulated but emotionally distant regime. Now, after their mother's suicide, the two boys have been sent to spend the summer with their father in Florida. Jim's anger is evident from the first moment the boys join their father. The battle is joined as Jim and his father fight for the affections and control of Byron. This novel, the first in the Blossom Culp series, combines historical, comical and supernatural events in a most delightful way.

The Armsworths of small town Illinois in are a family of means, although not yet accepted by society, a fact Mrs. Armsworth regrets and intends to remedy. Her pretentions are the comical background against which the story is laid. She is not above manipulating any of her family in her schemes to be one of small town society's most important families. She succeeds in her goal, but not in the way she planned. Read our Featured Book Teachers Guide with review, summary, discussion ideas, activities, related books and links.

Blossom becomes involved with the ghost of a child who drowned on the Titanic. The lonely child was abandoned by his wealthy parents and Blossom attempts to change history by rescuing the boy. Using her telepathic powers she journeys to the doomed ship and to Buckingham Palace.

The collecting of scrap metal and other efforts to support the war are everywhere but when Davy's brother is sent to serve in Europe the war hits home in a different way. This is a coming-of-age tale which vividly evokes another era.

As usual there are the eccentrics and the humor that is classic Richard Peck. Buck, Katey and Trav have been friends since seventh grade.

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Now in high school each has family problems, but Trav is seriously disturbed and eventually kills himself leaving behind guilt and anger in his friends. Learning how to grieve and how to accept help from parents is the focus of this hard-hitting novel. A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck. Dowdel is back in this delightful book. It's and Bob and his sisters must endure bullying for the double offense of being both the new kids in town and the preacher's kids.

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When Bob is strung up with fishing line in an outhouse who should rescue him but his beyond-eccentric neighbor, Mrs. Molly has been dumped with her Great-Aunt Fay. Her mother has left her many times before and the knowledge we gain of life with the woman Molly calls Debbie is that of homelessness. Molly has learned how to cope. She doesn't try to make friends because she won't be there long enough.

Now at Aunt Fay's Molly meets Will, another stray child. Aunt Fay is a practical nurse and treats patients in their homes. One of her patients is the spoiled and self-centered Mrs.