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Mash and his comrades bring the Hawkinses to Prince Mardon. Harry and Steffanie claim that they hail from the city of Salem, though Mash states that he does not recognize them.

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Harry reiterates that he and his sister are from a city, which Mash misinterprets as saying that they are from Heaven. Mardon reveals his intentions to attack the city of Heaven, causing a fight to break out between him, Harry, and Steffanie. The Hawkinses are tied up and bound to be taken to the Tower of Babel. On the way to the Tower of Babel, the army of Shinar is attacked by the Sons of Japheth, who are trying to rescue their war general Boath.

Harry and Steffanie take the opportunity to escape. Arvad is able to pull Steffanie off of the elephant's passenger basket, though the elephant storms off with Harry on its back. Though Steffanie fights back, and breaks Mash's nose in the process, she is recaptured by the warriors of Shinar. And with thir darkness durst affront his light. First Moloch , horrid King besmear'd with blood. Though for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud.

Thir childrens cries unheard, that past through fire. To his grim Idol. Him the Ammonite. Worshipt in Rabba and her watry Plain,. In Argob and in Basan , to the stream. Of utmost Arnon. Not content with such.

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Of Solomon he led by fraud to build. On that opprobrious Hill, and made his Grove. The pleasant Vally of Hinnom , Tophet thence. And black Gehenna call'd, the Type of Hell. Next Chemos , th' obscene dread of Moabs Sons,. From Aroar to Nebo , and the wild. Of Southmost Abarim ; in Hesebon. And Heronaim , Seons Realm, beyond.

The flowry Dale of Sibma clad with Vines,. And Eleale to th' Asphaltick Pool. Peor his other Name, when he entic'd.

Rebirth city deity novelupdates

Israel in Sittim on thir march from Nile. To do him wanton rites, which cost them woe. Of Moloch homicide, lust hard by hate;. Till good Josiah drove them hence to Hell. With these cam they, who from the bordring flood. Of old Euphrates to the Brook that parts. Egypt from Syrian ground, had general names.

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Of Baalim and Ashtaroth , those male,. These Feminine. For Spirits when they please. Nor founded on the brittle strength of bones,. Like cumbrous flesh; but in what shape they choose. For those the Race of Israel oft forsook. To bestial Gods; for which thir heads as low. Came Astoreth , whom the Phoenicians call'd.

Astarte , Queen of Heav'n, with crescent Horns;. Sidonian Virgins paid thir Vows and Songs,. In Sion also not unsung, where stood. By that uxorious King, whose heart though large,. To idols foul.

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Thammuz came next behind,. Whose annual wound in Lebanon allur'd. The Syrian Damsels to lament his fate.

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While smooth Adonis from his native Rock. Of Thammuz yearly wounded; the Love-tale. Infected Sions daughters with like heat,. Ezekial saw, when by the Vision led. Of alienated Judah. Next came one. Who mourn'd in earnest, when the Captive Ark. Maim'd his brute Image, head and hands lopt off. Where he fell flat, and sham'd his Worshipers:. Dagon his Name, Sea Monster, upward Man.

Rear'd in Azotus , dreaded through the Coast. Of Palestine , in Gath and Ascalon. And Accaron and Gaza 's frontier bounds. Him follow'd Rimmon , whose delightful Seat. Was fair Damascus , on the fertil Banks. Of Abbana and Pharphar , lucid streams. Ahaz his sottish Conquerour, whom he drew. For one of Syrian mode, whereon to burn. Whom he had vanquisht. After these appear'd. Osiris , Isis , Orus and thir Train. Fanatic Egypt and her Priests, to seek.