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Monica M. Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing. Denis Richard Lane.

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Dental Hygiene - E-Book. Margaret Walsh. Victoria Aspinall. Master the Dental Hygienist Exam. Epidemiology and Microbiology Microbiology and Blood. IML Training. A Dictionary of Dentistry. Robert Ireland. Arshad Iqbal.

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Michele Leonardi Darby. Thomas P. Mastering Practicals in Community Medicine. Poornima Tiwari. Clinical Textbook of Dental Hygiene and Therapy. Suzanne Noble. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry. Laura Mitchell. Progressive Management. People, Parasites, and Plowshares. Dickson Despommier. Oxford Handbook of Dental Nursing.

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Elizabeth Boon. Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Pets. Simon J. Alan Gunn. Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs. Virginia C. Paediatric Dentistry. Richard Welbury.

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Pamela L. Essential Microbiology for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science. Geoff Hanlon. Animal Biology and Care. Sue Dallas. Margi Sirois. Om Prakash Mishra. Diseases of the Goat. John G. NVQs for Dental Nurses. Veterinary Notes For Cat Owners. Trevor Turner. Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases. Susan Tarlo. Eric Miller. Essentials of Dental Caries. Edwina Kidd. Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing - E-Book. Each particular species is clearly identified and the methods that its members are used, humiliated, and harmed are made clear.

In addition to animal species, spider The book is very useful for all Veterinarians especially for Vety Surgeons of Haryana. Showing results: of Published: Nov Downloads: Pages: Unsafe Foods For Dogs R. Published: Jun Downloads: Pages: Published: Sep Downloads: Pages: My Dog Bruno Glen K. Published: May Downloads: Pages: Published: Jul Downloads: Pages: Veterinary Drug Index Dr.

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Colostrum production is influenced by ewe nutrition. Farmers should aim for healthy ewes in good condition prior to lambing, paying particular attention to those carrying multiples or those in poorer condition Eales et al. Close attention at lambing time should be given to lambs at risk. These lambs may have to be supplemented with colostrum.

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It can be useful to store colostrum from ewes having singles and producing plenty. For more information on sheep nutrition, please click here. Some management measures can be taken to prevent the intake of large numbers of E. Winter shearing and dagging of the ewes prior to housing may also reduce the challenge.

When lambs are first born they must have a sufficient amount of colostrum to avoid watery mouth disease and other conditions such as hypothermia and starvation. Watery mouth disease is a combination of insufficient colostrum intake, and ingestion of bacteria from the environment. Treating Watery Mouth Treatment of watery mouth can be very successful, provided it is detected and treated early and continued until the lamb is fit.

The aims of treatment are:. Ewe management is crucial in preventing watery mouth. A healthy ewe should lamb and mother well and produce enough colostrum for her offspring whereas undernourished ewes can often exhibit poor maternal care and produce less colostrum and milk. This prevents starvation, relieves dehydration and stimulates gut movement — Do not feed colostrum or milk as they will be unable to digest the food.

O nce body temperature is returned to normal 39 degrees Celsius and abdominal distension is reduced, then normal feeding can resume. This will also help evacuate bacteria and endotoxins. The use of parenteral antibiotics is sometimes advised, however farmers should be aware that this is likely to increase circulating endotoxins initially as they are released from dead bacteria.