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Almost the total opposite! After the first apostles departed from the earth, and even in New Testament times, clouds began to cover the sun. In subsequent centuries the darkness increased till light had almost entirely vanished from the earth.

Imagery in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Once again the sun was turned to darkness. In John chapter 5 Jesus spoke about 3 things that bore witness to him:.

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John the Baptist, the miraculous works that Jesus did, and the Holy Scriptures were all like the moon, witnesses that pointed beyond themselves to Jesus the sun. For many centuries all of these stopped giving their light. Prophetic voices like John became silent.

Miraculous signs and wonders almost entirely ceased. For a thousand years the Scriptures lay languishing in Latin, incomprehensible to all but the clergy and barely translated even into European languages. The church, instead of shining as the moon and bearing witness to Jesus, often silenced or put to death the few witnesses that raised their voices for the truth. Past historians have even called this time the Dark Ages. Since the Reformation the moon has again begun to shine.

Sometimes it has been a full moon, sometimes a half moon and sometimes just a thin crescent moon; but at least not the total darkness of what went before.

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Prophetic voices have again been proclaiming the truth. After a long period of darkness the moon has again been shining. The great apostasy of which Paul spoke has undoubtedly happened. Are there other signs that the Day of the Lord has now come? I believe there are many. Here are just a few:. What happens during the Day of the Lord? Many more things than I can write about in this short article! Here I will only continue my theme of the sun and the moon.

Is Dark Brown Period Blood Normal? - Reasons for Brown Period Blood

Many people believe Jesus is going to return soon. I agree; but I believe he is coming now as he did on the day of Pentecost; not coming again in a physical body as his disciples expected, but coming in spirit and in power in his people see Coming of the Lord.

Before his death Jesus promised his disciples he would come again and receive them to himself. Did he keep his promise to them? No, if you think he meant a physical coming. Yes, if you believe he came spiritually on the day of Pentecost. At that time He came at the Festival of Pentecost. Then it was the start of the Church Age.

Now it is the beginning of the Kingdom Age. The morning star is arising in our hearts. The morning star is actually the planet Venus, the brightest of the planets and much brighter than any star.

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When Venus appears in the east we know that sunrise is near. I believe that around the world we are now seeing the change from moonlight to sunlight. The cold and lifeless light of the moon is being replaced by the warm life-giving light of the sun. God created the sun and the moon for signs. They provide the earth with two kinds of natural light; but they are signs of two kinds of spiritual light. For most of history most of the world has been in spiritual darkness. God chose the Jewish people, and particularly their prophets and their scriptures, to bring light to the world. Still this was only moonlight and still only reaching a small part of the world.

Their last prophet, John the Baptist, proclaimed the spiritual sun, Jesus the Messiah. Sunlight replaced moonlight. The kingdom of heaven was at hand! God poured out his spirit on the day of Pentecost.

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Nothing like this had ever happened before. Some people thought the Day of the Lord and the Kingdom of God had come. But the time was not yet. Wonderful though this was, it did not last. The earth returned again to darkness. Photos Add Image. Linda Osbourne Caroline O'Neill Joanna Draper Robson Green Tony Hill Sally Edwards Kate Lloyd Eamon Boland Roth Alan Stocks Don Merrick Hermione Norris Carol Jordon Mark Penfold Vernon Mark Letheren Kevin Geoffries Daymon Britton Police Officer Emma Handy Paula McIntyre Catherine Terris Williams Tom Chadbon John Brandon Michael Gould Mark Draper Joseph Scappley Edit Storyline The remains of corpses are discovered whilst new foundations are being dug at the Norton Hotel, a building which stands on the site of an abbey, a fact which leads to a suspicion that these were religious killings.

Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English. Runtime: 86 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Add the first question. Edit page. The blood may turn black if it takes more time to leave the vagina. Apart from black blood, other signs and symptoms of early pregnancy may include:. Every woman may not experience the symptom of implantation bleeding. Moreover, it is usually light and lasts for a couple of days. If you are pregnant and experience bleeding then visit your doctor. Black blood before a period may be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease including chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Apart from dark brown discharge and black blood before period, other symptoms of STDs may include:. Your doctor may treat STDs with antibiotics. Without treatment, they may spread to the reproductive organs and cause pelvic inflammatory disease PID. Black blood before a period may also indicate pelvic inflammatory disease, which is an infection of your reproductive organs including the cervix and the uterus.

Other than black blood, it may cause:. Pelvic inflammatory disease may result in complications such as chronic pain in the pelvis and infertility.


Why do we get brown period blood? A doctor breaks it down

As already stated above, you may get black blood at the beginning of your period, and this needs no special treatment. But when it occurs due to other reasons then it may need treatment. The treatment may depend on the cause of the black blood before period:. Bleeding during menses in most women may last between 2 to 7 days and menses may happen every days. Having black discharge or bleeding outside this time frame may be considered irregular and you should discuss this with your doctor.

If you notice black discharge during pregnancy or after delivery of a baby, you should contact your doctor. If you are entering menopause and experience black vaginal discharge, then also you should visit your doctor as this may indicate a serious underlying medical condition. Why is blood black? You may notice black colored blood throughout your menstrual cycle, especially at the start of your menses.

There are various reasons why you get black blood. The flow of your period may be slower at the beginning of your period. Hence, you may get black blood at the beginning and the end of the period. Black blood or discharge may also be a sign of a foreign object being stuck in your vagina.

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It may also indicate cervical cancer in rare cases. Retained menses or hematocolpos may also cause black colored vaginal discharge.

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You may also get dark colored bleeding four to six weeks after the delivery of your baby, which is known as lochia. A missed miscarriage may also cause black colored bleeding or spotting from the vagina. Black blood may be an early sign of pregnancy due to implantation bleeding. The treatment of black blood may depend on the cause. Black blood at the beginning and the end of the period is usually normal.

You may visit your doctor if black colored bleeding or discharge from the vagina continues for long, is accompanied by pain or cramping and smells bad. Stay on track with your health using Flo. Download Flo App.