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Big News!!! Book Description : Since becoming the alpha female of the Dog Mountain pack, Jade certainly has had her share of challenges. Happy reading everyone! Deadly Mates Deadly Trilogy, 2 releases on April 26, , and to celebrate we are having a release party on Facebook. Woot Woot! Only 27 more days until the release of Deadly Mates! Want to read the first two chapters while you wait for the release? I shuddered as flares of hot adrenaline shot through my limbs. My legs crunched and snapped, a hollow, echoing sound, as they twisted and reformed.

It was weird shifting; I could feel each bone in my body bend and break, but it was also a rush — electric.

My face was numb and tingly as my snout became a nose. I still expected it to hurt. It sure sounded painful. The adrenaline that came with the shift was invigorating, coursing through my blood and sending each nerve ending into a breathtaking current of delirious heat. God, how I love this feeling. Want a teaser? What about a giveaway? Their dislike of each other begins at the end of Twilight , before Jacob becomes a "werewolf", though they only interact once.

After completing his growth into a werewolf, Jacob develops severe antagonistic feelings towards Edward, to the point of very nearly killing him openly in front of Bella several times throughout the series. This is partly because werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies and partly because they both have romantic feelings for Bella during New Moon , and Jacob vowed that he would not stop fighting for her until she became a vampire.

But later in Breaking Dawn he is rather neutral, becoming something remotely to friends with Edward when he was helping Edward with Renesmee's birth and Bella's survival during this giving of her daughter's birth as Edward respectfully asks him as the rightful Alpha of the Quileute Tribe for permission to turn Bella into a vampire. Jacob eventually declares his feelings for Bella, having already been Edward's rival for her love.

Despite this, Edward never feels any hatred towards Jacob, even when Jacob tricks Bella into kissing him and Bella realizes, after over a year of self denial, she has feelings for him as well. When Bella tells Jacob that she had chosen Edward, Jacob's hatred for Edward reaches its peak and runs away in his wolf form, ending the events of Eclipse.

In the events of Breaking Dawn , Jacob makes a surprise appearance at the wedding of Bella and Edward.

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Bella accidentally tells Jacob her honeymoon plans causing Jacob to lose his temper momentarily. His hatred for Edward slowly begins to fade when Bella becomes pregnant with Edward's child. While Jacob is furious that Edward has impregnated Bella with a baby that is killing her, they form an unlikely bond because of their mutual hatred for the "fetus. After her birth, Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

While Edward is annoyed by this, he understands that Jacob's imprinting is involuntary.

Their relationship becomes much friendlier after this, though Edward is still annoyed with his connection to Renesmee. Jacob, as commented by Bella, begins to call Edward's name without a hint of bitterness. When the stand against the Volturi is about to turn into a fight, Bella gives him her daughter and Edward says goodbye to Jacob, referring to him as his "son" as Jacob imprinted on his daughter Renesmee.

The situation, however, doesn't turn violent, and by the end of book there is no longer any hostility between Edward and Jacob. Edward also expresses impression of Jacob for not having thought about Renesmee's maturity process even once after he found out about her approximate maturity completion. Billy Black is Jacob's disabled father, and an elder of the Quileute council.

They are as close as a father and a son can be. Because Billy never encountered any vampires in his youthful years, he never became a wolf, and the power was passed on to his son. After Rachel went to college and Rebecca moved to Hawaii after her marriage, Jacob became the only person who still lives with him, though he is more than happy to spend time with his father.

After Billy became wheelchair-bound, he became his father's legs, though he never resented this: Jacob looked up to Billy more than anything, his only real flaw being his superstitious beliefs; Billy had told him stories and traditions about the tribe, but he stopped listening very early.

However, Billy never intended to let him believe them until he started phasing. When Jacob went to battle Victoria 's army in Eclipse , he was constantly plagued by worries and later pain when his son returned with serious injuries.

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When Billy tried to reason with Jacob about Bella's choice and the Cullens , he refuses to listen and runs away from home until Renesmee is born, resolving all problems between the Quileutes and the Cullens, and Jacob finally returns. During the Volturi crisis , Jacob begins to spend more time at the Cullens' instead of home, which worries Billy until he comes home with good news.

Jacob's best friend and third-in-command in the novels: Embry Call. Embry Call is Jacob's best friend, along with Quil Ateara. They have been best friends ever since they were young. Since no one really knew anything about Embry's father other than he was a Quileute, some people suspect that he and Jacob may be related, although he thinks of Sam Uley as a more likely candidate.

When Embry first started skipping school in New Moon and following Sam around, Jacob and Quil remain in the dark about his transformation and grow hatred toward Sam for "brainwashing" their friend, blaming him for taking Embry away. When Jacob first left the pack to protect the Cullens from them, Embry is deeply upset with his decision and is prohibited by Sam from seeing him.

A while after Jacob started his own pack, Embry leaves Sam's pack to join his, along with Quil. In Breaking Dawn - Part 2 , Embry remains in Sam's pack but the tension between the two packs is resolved. Jacob's cousin and best friend: Quil Ateara V. When Embry experienced the "change," he started to avoid them, and Quil worried for his sake. And when Jacob started changing too, he grew terrified that he might be next, which he admitted to Bella.

Jacob and Embry continued to avoid him, until Quil experiences the change himself and happily reunites with his friends, after he finally understands what is going on. When Quil runs into Jake in Breaking Dawn , Jake tries to talk him into dating other girls before Claire, his imprinted one, comes of age, but he finds it difficult to cope and decides to dismiss the idea.

When Jacob first broke from the pack, Quil remains behind, since his soulmate, Claire , kept him bound to Sam's pack. A while later, Quil finally breaks away from Sam's pack to join him, along with Embry. In Breaking Dawn - Part 2 , this doesn't happen and Quil remains with Sam's pack, though the tension between the two pack is resolved. Jacob's friend and Beta: Leah Clearwater. Leah Clearwater is Jacob's second-in-command of his renegade pack.

Loved by the Pack (The Wolfpack Trilogy, #3) by Abby Weeks

Jacob did not originally get along with Leah, since she was always tormenting him and his pack with painful memories and thoughts about Sam, who dumped her after he imprinted on her cousin, Emily. During the battle against Victoria 's army of vampires , Leah attempts to prove her worth and tries to fight a vampire, but it catches her off guard and Jacob knocks her out of the way to save her, and the vampire jumps on him, breaking most of his bones. After Bella chose Edward over Jacob, she irritatingly tells him to get over her, in which he reacts very badly.

When Jacob runs on his own, Seth, Leah's little brother, runs with him. Two days later, Leah comes along in order to get away from Sam and look after her brother. During this time, they learn to cope with one another and even become good friends, although Leah is still very uncomfortable being around the Cullens. After the tension between both packs is solved, Jacob makes Leah his Beta, or "second-in-command. Jacob's friend and third in-command in the movies: Seth Clearwater. Seth Clearwater is Jacob's companion in the wolf pack, and former second-in-command until Leah took over the role.

Seth is one of the youngest wolves of the Quileute tribe who has always viewed Jacob as his idol, and always follows his instructions. When Jacob broke away from Sam's pack in Breaking Dawn , Seth is the first to run and join him, partly because he has befriended the Cullen family and wishes to help protect them. Jacob is initially very unhappy with his decision as he intends on going alone, and later Leah's decision to join them to get away from Sam and look after Seth only bugs him more.

But he eventually warms up to their involvement.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls

While they were protecting the Cullens, Seth acted as his second-in-command, but Leah later takes up that role. Edward comments that he has one of the "purest, kindest and sincerest minds" he's ever heard, and that Jacob is lucky to have him, to which he doesn't disagree. When Bella attacks Jacob in blind rage after she turned into a vampire, Seth runs into the middle and take the blow into himself and subsequently breaks the bones on his shoulder. Jacob's friend and former Alpha: Sam Uley.

The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra

Sam Uley is Jacob's fellow Alpha companion. The relationship between Jacob and Sam before they phased is unexplained, although they have known each other since childhood. When Jacob's friend Embry, and Jared and Paul , phased, Sam took care of them and made them part of his pack. The still unaware Jacob believed that Sam has somehow turned his friend into his "gang" and hated him for it. When he finally phased, however, he understood Sam's situation and their relationship turned friendly.